Weeknight Meals

Weeknight meals, you probably cook at least 300 of them a year and that’s just dinner.  Yikes… that’s a lot of cooking and it’s easy to get bored, or overwhelmed or both.

What’s for dinner? or lunch, or breakfast?  That’s the question we all want answered!   Meal planning is key to Answering the question “What’s for dinner, but how do you keep things interesting?

The 30 days of meal planning prompts is where I start when I’m planning out weeknight meals.   Not specific recipes, but ideas to help you choose what to cook, when you’re just tired of the same old dishes.

Family favorites are great, but we all need new recipes and inspiration.  Meals that are not too complicated, but that will still taste delicious.

Pro Tip When trying something new. Pair it with a favourite side dish or vegetable to make sure there’s something on the table that everyone is guaranteed to like.  We don’t want hungry people if the new recipes doesn’t pass the taste test.

Weeknight meals need to be not overly complicated, well balanced, filling and delicious.  Leftovers, or recipes that can be repurposed into another meal are a bonus.  Making a meal plan filled with easy weeknight dinners is also good for the budget, and will free up some precious time in the evenings.   Who doesn’t need more time and money?

Recipe collections by theme can also help when meal planning your weeknight meals.  Use the meal planning prompts to point you in the right direction, then browse through the recipe collections for even more ideas.