Instant Pot

Instant pot recipes for all seasons and meals.  Commonly used to make soups, and stews (which are delicious), the Instant Pot is also excellent for other types of recipes.  We’ve got breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes you going to love.

It is also fantastic for helping with Meal Prepping and makes quick work of dinner recipes.  On busy nights when you didn’t have time to plan, or forgot to take something out of the freezer, you can have dinner on the table in under 30 minutes.

Make a batch of soup, stew or chili on Meal Prep day while working on prepping my other meals.  It’s very hands off and a real time saver. Having these meals on hand all week for a quick and easy grab and go lunch or dinner is great for busy families.

Why use the Instant Pot? It’s not always “Instant” is a common question.  It’s true that there is a come to pressure time, and the natural release time, however the benefits are immeasurable.

Recipes that normally take a long low and slow cook time, are infinitely faster, and the flavour is intensified, giving that all day simmer flavour.

The Instant Pot is budget friendly too.  Cheaper cuts of meat, cooked under pressure are tender and moist.  It also means that you can have a delicious meal on the table in less time that it takes to order in.

Definitely a cost savings, and it tastes better too!    Highly recommended for meal planning on a budget.

Cooking from frozen is also incredibly easy!  Didn’t take the chicken out?  No problem.   Under pressure, you can make a delicious meal, using frozen meat, and poultry.  You may need a few extra minutes, but there is no thawing time needed.  I love this!